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The Life and Times of Young Bobby Steele is a book that represents the urban lifestyle of suburban and metropolitan Washington D.C. The story is centered around the life and ambitions of Bobby who was raised by his single parent father, Richard and embodies the dichotomy of the contrast between paternal and maternal parenting as it relates to the African American male. The story is about manhood, brotherhood, hip hop, chess, and romance. We hope that you enjoy the first installment of the Polarity series as author Bobby Adams takes you through his cinematic journey. 

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Polarity featuring Joney tha Booth of Right Here is the soundtrack to the Life and Times of Young Bobby Steele. There are several references in the book about Bobby and Joney working on songs in the studio and on stage. We wanted to enhance your reading experience with songs from the book that you can bang in your headphones as you take breaks between reading!


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